Below are a number of links to some of my favourite photo-related stuff, if you know of anything else I should add here just send me a note and I'll add it here.

It's going to take a few weeks to compile, so let's start with Podcasts . . .

I listen to loads of different Podcasts; some tutorial related, some with gadget info, interviews with established photographers.

The Candid Frame - Presented by the smooth-as-a-cashmere-codpiece Ibarionex Parello.  At the moment, this is probably my favourite Podcast.  In each episode Ibarionex talks with a successful photographer for around an hour, getting all sorts of information about their past and the path they took to get to where they are now.  The interviews are a great listen - I play them on the way to work in the car.

The Art Of Photography - Presented by Ted Forbes.  Ted is a real photography purist and his podcast series on what makes a great photo are really good.  Follow along on his Pinterest pages too.  He has some stunning b/w shots and also a lot of information about film photography.

Tips From The Top Floor - The longest running photo podcast in the World.  Coupled with a Web Site, the german photographer Chris Marquardt presents an interesting show with tips, news and responses to listeners questions.  There is also a lively community on Google+.

The Photography Show - Another Ted Forbes presentation, this time with Wade Griffiths.  A bit sporadic and 'casual' but worth going through the back catalogue for some interesting nuggets of information.

Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace - Mark works for a US Camera supplier called Adorama who also have a Youtube channel.  The videos are also listed on iTunes.  Loads of cool photo ideas and budget tips.

Martin Bailey Photography - Slick and professional website.  Martin is a successful photographer with nearly 400 podcasts produced.

PhotoTips By BC Photo - Another prolific podcaster, lots of news and some tips and ideas for creative shooting.  The website is full of useful stuff and James's personal web site is stunning.